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April Pigalak Upinngaaq Designs

Raised in Kugluktuk, Nunavut, I was taught to hand sew and make many different items at a young age. I enjoy creating new projects and designs and playing with modern designs with some traditional materials and traditionally inspired themes. I often use seal pelts harvested from Nunavut, supporting traditional harvest of seals for food consumption, and with the utmost respect to the animal and its environment.

I like to take opportunities to educate people on the Inuit harvest of seals and the use of every part of the animal to avoid any waste. My of my purses and bags are hand-sewn designs using natural and dyed seal skins. All skins that I use for my products are factory tanned skins, so that you may enjoy them in warmer climates.

I also enjoy drawing and playing with other art forms. I am a mother of two and try to balance both being a busy mom and my passion, creating art. I am currently working on designing modern Copper Inuit style clothing, and expanding creations that I sell through my business, Upinngaaq Designs. Upinngaaq means spring in Inuinnaqtun, and is spelt differently in different Inuit regions. It is my favourite time of year in the arctic, and also a name that some call me in my hometown. I hope to continue to doing what I love and continue to create things that others will enjoy too.

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