Pikulu Designs

Julie Alivaktuk (Pikulu Designs) is a contemporary seamstress, working primarily in hand-made seal skin products. From Pangnirtung, Nunavut, Julie’s work weaves the beauty of her natural surroundings with modern design to create thoughtful and unique pieces. Working alongside her mother from a young age, Julie’s practice remains intricately rooted in family tradition and culture. A graduate of the Arctic College’s Fur Production and Design program, Julie recently participated in the Circumpolar Crafter’s Network in Norway and Scotland. Her travel and experiences with other Indigenous cultures around the world have allowed her to collaborate with other circumpolar artists and globally advocate for Inuit rights. After attending Nunavut Sivunksavut, Julie began to explore the affect of colonization in her work. In the future, she aspires to create pieces that pose questions and demand reflection.

News Article Courtesy of IFW Toronto