Alook Design

Raised in Iqaluit, I was surrounded by the Inuit lifestyle of creating and resourcefulness, leading me to carry these fundamentals into my jewelry and art. I am inspired by traditional Inuit designs, legends and teachings but my designs are created within my perception and experience. Ongoing guidance from elders, respected seamstresses and family members learning the beauty of the art and utility of inuit culture and sewing.

Practicing traditional teachings such as learning how to hunt, process harvests, story telling, and performing throat singing has inspired me to use this knowledge to create art pieces and artisanal crafts. A milestone for me is having been recognized by the Inuit Art Foundation as an artist and to be able to build my portfolio. I am grateful when my customers humble me with their appreciation with the care I take to make my pieces. My intent and hopes are to reflect the beauty in the inuit principles of resilience and strength.

My jewelry and other crafts make use of bone and sealskin and furs. Inuit harvesting is with the utmost care towards wildlife and environment and with the understanding that this stewardship has sustained us for thousands of years.

I am a full time artist also doing artisanal work. My business is named, Alook. The look that I create in my pieces is ‘Fierce and Free Fashion’. My goals are making garments and clothing paying homage to traditional styles of clothing and performance style pieces. Also, I aim to study more about inuit culture and community work.

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