Seal Skin Fashion – Inuit Designers creating Fashion Forward Designs for Men (6/11/2021) - Seal skin clothing for men is fast becoming a fashion statement. Men may choose to wear seal skin to fight the weather elements but today, Indigenous designers are also creating men’s clothing lines that add style and uniqueness to men’s wardrobes including dress shoes, vests, blazers, jackets and more! Inuit designer, Nicole Camphaug is known… Continue Reading
Ringed seal skin @designsbyoolootie 3 Can we buy seal fur products in Europe? (5/29/2021) - The answer is YES! You can find below more information regarding the export of Canadian Indigenous Seal Fur products to the European Union (EU). Europe Export Requirements When a seal product is being introduced on the EU market under the Inuit and other indigenous communities exception, it must be accompanied by an original attesting document… Continue Reading
Indigenous Art: 10 Inspiring Canadian Women Artists (5/26/2021) - Their history, but also their families and communities’ history, permeate their artistic process and pave the way for their art. A creative, singular and often committed art, in which tradition and modernity join hands to combine the past, the present and the future. Portraits of 10 local native creators, whose art deserves to be in… Continue Reading
Sealskin Clothing: An All-female Inuit Tradition (5/11/2021) - The transformation of seal fur into clothing and accessories is an essential activity for the economic survival of the indigenous people living in the circumpolar region in Canada (but also in Greenland, Russia and Alaska, in the United States). But beyond fashion, it is also a practice that perpetuates the spiritual and cultural traditions dear… Continue Reading
Tattoos & Seals – an Inuit Woman’s tradition (4/21/2021) - Inuit Tattoos - Revitalization of an Inuit Woman’s tradition The first time I saw an Inuit tattoo was when I travelled to Europe on a mission with Inuit crafters to promote seal skin products.   The women proudly wear these traditional tattoos and I was intrigued to learn more about their significance and history. I was… Continue Reading
The “Amauti”: much more than just a seal parka (4/9/2021) - The Inuit Amauti - The Sealskin Parka - Then and Now The Amauti is so much more than just a parka. Made from seal skin or caribou, the parka was made to protect the Inuit from the northern elements.  They were worn traditionally by women to carry their babies but fathers or male caregivers could… Continue Reading
Traditional Inuit Preparation of Seal Skins (3/26/2021) - Throughout history, the seal has been vital to the Inuit way of life providing food, shelter and clothing.  Men, women and children all have a role in preparing the seal after the hunt for its many uses. After The Seal is Harvested… After seals are harvested and are skinned by the hunter, Inuit women move… Continue Reading
Proudly Indigenous Crafts & Designs (PIC&D) What are Kamiks and how are they made? (3/8/2021) - Kamiks - the traditional Seal Skin and Caribou boots of the Inuit I will always remember the first time I saw “kamiks”. They were made by Mona Netser, a traditional sealskin seamstress and designer from Coral Harbour, Nunavut. We were in Estonia where she was giving a workshop to Estonian artists on traditional Inuit seal… Continue Reading
Proudly Indigenous Crafts & Designs (PIC&D) XpoNorth Presentation from Janelle Kennedy (15) When did seal fur become popular? (2/22/2021) - A 4000 years old tradition Traditional Inuit clothing was designed out of necessity — to survive the harsh climate that was a stark reality for the Inuit people. The women, knowing it was essential to keep their community warm and protected from the elements made coats, trousers, mittens and boots. These articles were made mostly… Continue Reading
Proudly Indigenous Crafts & Designs (PIC&D) What is the Ulu used for? (2/15/2021) - What is an Ulu? When I travelled to Europe with Inuit crafters, I quickly learned the importance of a unique tool I had never seen before, the ulu, a beautifully shaped all purpose knife. A beautiful handle of bone, antler or wood (sometimes painted with beautiful designs), paired with a unique blade of metal (years… Continue Reading