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Seal Fur & Leather Products

Traditionally, seal fur and leather (seal skin) were used to protect Inuit, Indigenous and other coastal communities from elements. Today, artisans and designers are using it as a sustainable solution for both function and fashion.  On the Proudly Indigenous Crafts & Designs (PIC&D) online store, each pelt’s natural patterns and colours are celebrated and showcased. This includes accessories, clothing, footwear, mukluks, and home decors.








Home Decor

Seal Fur & Leather

Seal skin, both as fur and leather, have been used for thousands of years. Specifically to protect Canada’s northernmost residents from the harshest winter conditions.  Seal pelt has a remarkable ability to repel water. It is breathable, but blocks wind and retains heat. Seal skin leather is soft and strong, rugged and elegant and perfect for a multitude of uses.

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Seal Leather @109leathers
Proudly Indigenous Crafts & Designs - Seal Fur Products

Proudly Indigenous Certification

All seal fur & leather products sold on the PIC&D online store are certified “Proudly Indigenous”.  This means they are harvested by Indigenous communities and/or made by Indigenous crafters and designers.  You can rest assured that seal products that are sold on our store meet strict criteria and guidelines ensuring their authenticity, standards of quality and traceability.

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The Artists

Dive into the creative heart of northern Canadian communities to capture how these Indigenous artists reveal and sustain their culture through unique seal designs using seal fur and seal skin.

April Allen Headshot

April Allen
Stitched By April

Ruth Modeste
Ruth Modeste


Katie Pootoogook Manomie
Aakuluk Creations

Aija Komangapik
Aija Komangapik

Cheryl Fennell

Cheryl Fennell

Makee Kakee
Handsewn by Makee

Andrea Fowler

Proudly Indigenous Crafts & Designs (PIC&D) Erica Lugt

Erica Lugt
She Was a Free Spirit


Bambi Amos

Bambi Amos
Bambi's Traditional Arts

Eleanor Elias
Triple E Arctic Trends

Christina King Taalrumiq


Meet all the artists

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All seal fur & seal skin products sold on the Proudly Indigenous Crafts & Designs online store are certified “Proudly Indigenous”. This includes meeting a strict criteria and guidelines ensuring their authenticity, standards of quality and traceability.