Seal Fur & Seal Skin Leather Incredibly warm and durable,
Seal fur and Seal skin leather is exceptionally versatile and biodegradable.

Product Applications

Traditionally, seal fur and seal skin leather were used to protect Inuit, indigenous and other northern and coastal communities from elements.

Today, artisans and designers are using it as a sustainable solution for both function and fashion.


Purses, bags, wallets, gloves, earrings, bowties, tablet cases, etc.


Winter jackets, vests, skirts, etc.


Boots, mukluks, shoes, slippers, sandals, etc.

Home decors

Cushions, chairs, benches, seat coverings, floor coverings, etc.

Seal Pelts

Whether you want to create your own design with natural fur or you want to complement your home decor. Seal pelt is exactly what you need!

Seal pelts, both as seal fur and seal skin leather, have been used for thousands of years. They were used to protect Canada’s northernmost residents from the harshest winter conditions.

Seal fur is breathable, but blocks wind and retains heat. Seal leather is soft and strong, rugged and elegant, perfect for a multitude of uses.

Ringed Seal

The Ring Seal’s clear and notable ring markings along the ridge has been seen in Inuit’s clothing for hundreds of years.

The Ring Seal’s natural color is light grey with very notable markings. This includes along the ridge which can vary from light grey to almost black.

Harp Seal

Primarily in natural silver color with a characteristic black pattern, young Harp seal pelts have soft, short and shiny guard hair and are the most available on the market.


Seal pelts have beautiful silver-grey colouring, with natural dark spots and stripes. Indigenous artists may choose pelts that preserve this look—or they may opt for a more bright and colourful option.

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Seal Fur Great Benefits

Incredibly Warm

Used for thousands of years to protect Canada’s northernmost residents from the most extreme winter conditions.

Wind & Water Resistant

Water and wind resistant due to its natural high oil content and tight fiber structure.


Eco-friendly and sustainable alternative to non-renewable and environmentally toxic (plastic) clothing.

Extremely Durable

Easily stored, cleaned and maintained. Properly made, they are known to outlast the owner.

Exceptionally Versatile

Sealskin takes dye well. Each pelt’s natural patterns is available in wide range of colours and product applications.


Because there is no underfur, sealskin is light and less bulky allowing a nice slim silhouette.

Heritage & Tradition

The Inuit are the people of the seal. Seal has been and continues to be a natural part of the co- ecosystem of the North. As well as all Indigenous coastal communities in the circumpolar region.

Seal has been central to the survival of these communities for 4000+ years, however seal populations have proliferated in modern times. Thus, the characterization of the harvest has resulted in the erosion of an integral aspect of Inuit life.

Sealing, for both its traditions and its value as a commercial  enterprise, sustains communities culturally and  economically. This should be understood, and  respected.

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A Sustainable Choice

It is always ideal, environmentally and ethically, to use all parts of an animal that is harvested. Indigenous communities make full use of the animal. The hunt is conducted in a manner which has due regard to animal welfare. This takes into consideration the way of life of the community and the subsistence purpose of the hunt.

Seal pelts are prepared using traditional methods or by tanning. This preserves the fur or leather, leaving it durable, flexible, and resistant to deteriorating. Done properly, seal fur and leather will last for decades; durable products that will stand the test of time.

Many national and international conservation organizations have expressed their support of Indigenous Seal Harvest.

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When you purchase an Indigenous Seal fur and/or Seal skin Products, you choose to support Northern and coastal communities. As well as, buying a sustainable and environmentally friendly and high quality product.