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Proudly Indigenous Crafts & Designs (PIC&D) Unique Seal Fur Earrings Header She Was a Free Spirit Erica Lugt
Proudly Indigenous Crafts & Designs (PIC&D) Erica Lugt She Was A Free Spirit
Box 3307, Inuvik, Northwest Territories, X0E 0T0 (867) 678-5777

"Erica Lugt is an Inuvialuk artist from Tuktoyaktuk, Northwest Territories, though she is now based in Inuvik. Erica makes jewellery inspired by the land and her Inuvialuit culture, in particular Inuvialuit dancing parkas, as well as the colours of the land: “I’ve always been attracted to colour. I bring my love of colour, of all colours, to my creations.”

Erica also has a passion and pedigree for fashion; she comes from a long line of well-known Gruben seamstresses. Erica is committed to creating wearable fashion that is at once traditional and modern. Jewellery and fashion design are more than creative outlets for Erica. They have also been an important part of her healing journey.

Erica sees opportunities for collective healing and the making of a better future through fashion as well. ⁣ ⁣ Erica’s jewellery and garments are available through her brand, She Was A Free Spirit. Erica was a featured vendor at Indigenous Fashion Week Toronto in 2018 and 2020 and her earrings were on display at Paris Fashion Week in 2019. Erica co-coordinated the 2019 Arctic Fashion Show as part of the Great Northern Arts Festival Society in Inuvik. She is also a member of the Creations for Continuity."

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10am - 8pm MST, 7 days a week.