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Taalrumiq | Christina King
From Tuktuuyaqtuuq, Northwest Territories (Now based in British Columbia)
Quyanainni (thank you) for your patience as I relocate my family back to our home community of Tuktuuyaqtuuq in the Inuvialuit Settlement Region. Once I am settled, my shop will re-open with new sealskin products in time for the Christmas season! - Taalrumiq

Uvanga atira Taalrumiq. Inuvialuuyunga, Tuktuyaqtungmiutaq. My name is Taalrumiq. I am Inuvialuk originally from Tuktoyaktuk, Inuvialuit Settlement Region, Northwest Territories. I currently reside in British Columbia on Lheidlii T’enneh traditional territory with my husband and our 5 children. I was named by local Elders in the customary Inuvialuit way, after my maternal Great Grandmother Taalrumiq. I have been sewing and creating since I was a young girl, encouraged by my Mother and women in my home community.

The skills and talent I inherited from my matrilineal line of creative Inuit Seamstresses, experts at their craft, combined with a modern education create a unique opportunity for me to create, teach and share Inuvialuit culture with the world as a form of storytelling and cultural preservation. At the same time reclaiming loss of culture, pride in Inuit identity, and healing of intergenerational trauma.

As a Multidisciplinary Artist and modern Inuvialuk woman, the love and respect for my Inuit culture, Ancestors, Elders, community members and inherent connection to my ancestral homeland of Tuktuuyaqtuuq inspires and informs my Art and Design and way of being in the world. The land, water, sky, animals and cultural elements all come through in my work.

Working with traditional Inuvialuit design elements and organic materials like sealskin, fur, hides, feathers and antler in combination with modern materials like sequins, glitter and metallic leather, I create contemporary Inuit adornment such as jewelry & mittens, garments and original Inuit fine art pieces.  A set of sealskin pandemic masks I created titled 'Inuvialuit Fortitude' are currently on tour across Canada with the 'Breathe.' exhibit.  The featured sealskin walrus tusk pandemic mask with beaded Tuktoyaktuk landscape, titled 'The Bounty of our Land'  is scheduled to tour Canada as part of the 'Breathe. 2nd wave' exhibit beginning in May 2021.

Each piece is created with the utmost care, quality and attention to detail as if I was sewing for my own family. I love the materials, process and story behind each piece, and the opportunity to share with others, which I do through my social media pages on facebook and Instagram @taalrumiq.  

Quyanainni (Thank you)!

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