Can we buy seal fur products in Europe?

The answer is YES! You can find below more information regarding the export of Canadian Indigenous Seal Fur products to the European Union (EU).

Europe Export Requirements

    1. When a seal product is being introduced on the EU market under the Inuit and other Indigenous communities exception, it must be accompanied by an original attesting document confirming that the conditions for this exception have been met. All subsequent invoices related to this seal product must contain a reference to the number of the attesting document.
    2. When a vendor is working with a dressed seal skin purchased from one of the recognized bodies (Nunavut, Northwest Territories or Greenland), they will receive an attesting document and their seal products become certifiable.
    3. In order to be certified, the vendor need to obtain the attesting document containing the traceability number from one of the recognized bodies that will be attached to the seal product.
    4. Apart from the attesting document provided by the recognized bodies, when a vendor wants to sell seal products in EU, they need to fill in the EU Seal Products Certificate. When the vendor ship the product to the EU, they need to print the Certificate, keep documentation on then and submit the Certificate to EU customs – or include it in the exported seal products package. Click here to download the EU Seal Products Certificate forms vendors will need to fill out.
    5. Vendors should keep records of all their transactions shipped to the EU in a spreadsheet or database.
    6. The Seal Products listed by the Vendor that are certifiable or pre-certified to ship in the EU will be identified in the Proudly Indigenous Crafts & Design online store product catalogue with an EU Flag.
    7. Vendors also need to include the QR code found below in the seal products package exported to the EU. According to the EU Seal Regime:  “A seal product carrying this QR Code label and accompanied by its attesting document can be placed on the EU market”:

Download hi-res SVG of QR Code


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