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April Allen is a contemporary Inuk artist and designer hailing from the picturesque town of Rigolet, Nunatsiavut, nestled on the North Coast of Labrador. As the creative force behind "Stitched by April," she masterfully weaves her Inuit heritage, history, and traditional materials into every intricate design. April's passion for her craft is evident in the meticulous attention she devotes to each stitch and bead, finding solace and fulfillment in her work.


April's artistic journey has deep roots, inspired by her mother's tireless hours spent sewing during her formative years. This early exposure kindled her fascination with her culture's traditional crafts and the art of sewing, as she closely observed her mother's skilled hands. Her profound connection to her heritage is intrinsically intertwined with the art of beading and sewing.


In 2022, April made waves in the Indigenous artistic community, participating in prestigious events such as the Indigenous Fashion Arts Festival, Inuit Studies Conference, Adaka Cultural Festival, Arctic Arts Summit, and the Crafted Show and Sale hosted by the Winnipeg Qaumanaq Art Gallery. At these gatherings, she not only showcases her remarkable creations but also imparts her knowledge and skills to eager participants. This spring, April proudly presented her work at the 2023 Labrador Winter Games, further solidifying her status as a prominent Indigenous artist. Her stunning collection of Inuit Dolls has found a permanent home at The Rooms, Provincial Art Bank in St. John’s, NL. Most recently, April has had the honour to present her designs at the Vancouver Indigenous Fashion Week event, and New York Fashion Week, leaving her with immense pride.


Driven by an unceasing desire for innovation, April continually explores new designs for her future creations. She is particularly dedicated to incorporating these designs into her teachings, especially when working with Indigenous youth. April teaches youth from grades K-12 across Northern Canada virtually. She firmly believes that by sharing her craft and connecting with the younger generation through artistic expression, she can inspire them and promote healing through the power of the arts.