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Andrea Fowler

I love creating earrings with beads. I incorporate hides, leather, seal, feathers, and charms in my designs. I also, enjoy making necklaces, bracelets, and keychains, as well as beaver and seal fur mitts. I do my best to make each piece unique and ensure that they are made with a lot of heart and love. I began creating art because I felt the need to expand my mind and try something new. I was also seeking a connection to my Dene roots and to like-minded people who were passionate about hobbies involving Indigenous art. My inspiration comes from a place of healing. Focusing on my healing helps me to stay present and brings me peace. It also offers a place to meditate on the beauty of a completed art piece that I've created, and on all the blessings in my life. I'm trying my best to become the highest version of myself. I have a lot to unlearn and a lot to learn and discover every day.


Making art can be a vulnerable place. It’s also a place where I can make mistakes and learn to do things right, over and over again. Hopefully, along the way, other people could get inspired to tap into their own creative passions and see that anything is possible if you put in the required work.


The Dene Laws mention sharing what you have. Creating my artwork is a way of sharing for me. I’m a Yellowknives Dene First Nation; and reside in a Yellowknives Dene settlement of about 220 people located only a short drive from Yellowknife, Northwest Territories.