How it began

Proudly Indigenous Crafts & Designs (PIC&D) How it began

The Circumpolar Crafters Network (CCN) was formed in 2019 to revitalize the traditions and production of authentic Inuit and Indigenous seal products. Inaugural members were from a number of circumpolar countries and were committed to working together, to share knowledge and skills, in a spirit of mutual respect for cultural traditions, and adhere to ethical, economic, and environmental principles. From this, the Proudly Indigenous Crafts & Designs project was created in the fall of 2020.

Responsibilities and opportunities

  • To wholeheartedly champion the Proudly Indigenous Crafts & Designs (PIC&D) platform;
  • To expand PIC&D in the circumpolar community;
  • To share all communications and information respective communities;
  • To find new methods to create products;
  • To work collaboratively to develop new markets for products;
  • To restore confidence in seal products;
  • To work at expanding markets into the e-commerce realm; and
  • To provide updates to the network of successes between workshops or meetings.


Crafters are expected to:

  • Utilize seal products and other natural materials.
  • Demonstrate a strong entrepreneurial spirit with ambition to grow;
  • Access and expand commercial markets;
  • Expand their markets using e-commerce opportunities;

Join an international group of crafters and designers that work with seal fur and leather and other natural materials which revolves around sustainable fashion, indigenous communities, happy food and who is sewing to keep their communities and culture alive.

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Membership to PIC&D is free for Indigenous crafters working primarily with seal fur and leather and other natural materials, and enables them to connect and collaborate with other Members.

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