7 unique Valentine’s Day gifts to give in 2024 (1/22/2024) -   Valentine's Day is a day to celebrate love and express affection for your loved one. Giving unique, handcrafted presents from Indigenous Artisans will undoubtedly make the day unforgettable and meaningful. Here, we recommend 7 remarkable Valentine's Day presents made by talented Indigenous Artisans, each of which tells a story of tradition, artistry, and love.… Continue Reading
Journal Hafteh: Art helps heal our traumatized souls (1/17/2024) - This is the English translation of an interview with Cheryl Fennell, a PIC&D artist, featured in the Hafteh Journal. For the original article, kindly refer to pages 167 to 180 using the provided link below.   https://hafteh.ca/uploads/mag/n06.pdf   You just presented your designs at a fashion show in Vancouver. Could you tell us about it?… Continue Reading
CBC News Repost: Look what I made! Students show off art projects inspired by Inuit culture (12/5/2023) - "The art room at St. Matthew’s School in St. John’s is filling up with Inuk dolls, ulus, inukshuks and drums. Grade 6 students are working with Inuk artist Trudy Flowers on a project that blends art, craft and culture. Click to see what they’ve made."   The original article: Look what I made! Students show… Continue Reading
2023 Holiday Gift Guide: Proudly Indigenous Seal Fur Products (12/4/2023) - As the holiday season approaches, it's the perfect time to explore unique and meaningful gift options. This year, consider stepping away from mainstream gifts and explore Indigenous handmade seal fur products from Canada’s north. Every product, from gorgeous earrings to toasty slippers, is a tribute to the rich culture and superb workmanship of Indigenous artists.… Continue Reading
Summary: In pics: Vancouver Indigenous Fashion Week 2023 (11/30/2023) - The Vancouver Indigenous Fashion Week 2023 showcased diverse creations by Indigenous designers in Vancouver, Canada, on November 20, 2023. Xinhuanet(新华网)featured models presenting designs by artists such as Yolonda Skelton, Ocean Kiana, and Taalrumiq. The images captured the vibrant and culturally rich contributions of these designers to the fashion week.   View the photos here: In… Continue Reading
Summary: At Vancouver Indigenous Fashion Week, Red Dresses Carried a Powerful Message (11/30/2023) - The Vancouver Indigenous Fashion Week (VIFW) is a yearly event showcasing contemporary designs by Indigenous designers. The Red Dress showcase, inspired by the REDress Project, focuses on the issue of Missing And Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls, and Two-Spirit  (MMIWG2S) people in Canada. The red dresses symbolize remembrance and a call for justice. Indigenous designers use… Continue Reading
Meet Proudly Indigenous Sealskin Artists at Vancouver Indigenous Fashion Week (10/20/2023) -   We are excited to announce that Proudly Indigenous Crafts & Designs (PIC&D) will participate in the Vancouver Indigenous Fashion Week (VIFW), which takes place at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Vancouver, November 20 to 23, 2023.  Five PIC&D sealskin artists will be participating in the marketplace, and three of the designers will be showing… Continue Reading
Repost: Inuit women reviving traditional black-bottom sealskin boots through summer workshops (8/21/2023) - Kimberly Pilgrim and Veronica Flowers, two Inuit women, have started a workshop series to conserve the traditional artistry of manufacturing black-bottom sealskin boots, a skill passed down through generations among the Inuit. The two, both university students, decided to hold workshops over the summer to discuss the full process of making these boots, from hunting… Continue Reading
Repost:Indigenous Women Entrepreneurs – Changing the Future of Tourism in Canada’s North (7/7/2023) - Author:Yvette Rasmussen (Stswecem’c Xget’tem First Nation) and Dr. Sonya Graci " ... Inuvialuk fashion designer, Taalrumiq, named after her maternal Great-Naanak Taalrumiq, resides in the Northwest Territories. For Inuvialuk Peoples, traditional names carry profound responsibility. Believing that children share physical and spiritual traits with their namesakes, Elders and family members performing the naming ceremony place deep consideration… Continue Reading
Repost: Support sustainable practices (6/13/2023) - Repost from the Canadian Crafts Federation   UNDERSTANDING SEAL PRODUCTS Over millennia, Indigenous and coastal communities have survived using cultural knowledge to sustain ecosystemic harmony, nourishment, and economic growth from seal products. However, these traditional methods, including sealskin craft, are being undersupported due to contemporary practices as society moves to modernity. NATIONAL SEAL PRODUCTS DAY The… Continue Reading