Repost: NWT Sealskin Artists Featured at the Northern Lights Conference (3/8/2023) - February 24, 2023   "Four Indigenous artists from the NWT had the opportunity last week to attend a national conference to promote the Proudly Indigenous Crafts and Designs(link is external) (PIC&D) brand, thanks to support from ITI’s NWT Arts Program and the Seals and Sealing Network (SSN) — a subcommittee of the Fur Institute of Canada.… Continue Reading
Celebrating Indigenous Women Artists Working with Sealskin (3/7/2023) - International Women’s Day is a day to celebrate and honour the accomplishments of women worldwide. In recognition of this special day, let us take a moment to shine the spotlight on some remarkable Indigenous women artists who have chosen to work with sealskin. From traditional sewing methods to innovative art installations, their work celebrates the… Continue Reading
Repost: In pictures: ‘Light bulbs go off’ at sealskin workshop (3/7/2023) - A six-day workshop in Yellowknife was held to help Indigenous artists in the Northwest Territories (NWT) improve their traditional skills and create contemporary sealskin works for the modern market.   The workshop was organized by the NWT's Department of Industry, Tourism, and Investment and held at Makerspace YK. The attendees were taught pricing and selling… Continue Reading
Summary:Northern Lights event a gathering spot for political, business leaders (2/13/2023) - Northern Lights event, a five-day event at the Shaw Centre in Ottawa, has featured talks on subjects ranging from Indigenous-led economic development and tourism to military and green energy issues.   Northern businesses and groups have been able to set up booths at trade shows to showcase their products and discuss future plans.   Our… Continue Reading
News summary: The chefs reviving the Arctic’s forgotten food (2/6/2023) - A group of innovative chefs from the Arctic and subarctic has banded together to promote indigenous culture by creating a new type of cuisine utilizing traditional ingredients.   The New Arctic Kitchen movement brings communities worldwide together to exchange and enhance their food traditions, including Arctic Canada, the Faroe Islands, Greenland, and the Finnish land… Continue Reading
Summary: Lesson on Inuit beauty more than skin-deep for Inuk woman (2/1/2023) - Muckpaloo Ipeelie, an Inuk lady who lives in The Blue Mountains and is the creator and CEO of the Urban Inuit Identity Project, came to the local class to speak more about the traditions.   Last week, she worked as a guest instructor and taught Grade 9 cosmetology students at Collingwood Collegiate Institute about Inuit… Continue Reading
Summary: How Indigenous people are strengthening fur traditions in an anti-fur world (2/1/2023) - Animal rights advocates have long condemned the fur business as cruel and needless. However, Northwest Territories artists and trappers disagree.   Indigenous people believe fur can be a sustainable, respectful, and even luxury material for clothing, accessories, and art. They feel it is critical to retain fur's significance in Indigenous cultures and traditional economics.  … Continue Reading
Press Release: Meet Proudly Indigenous Artists @ Northern Lights (1/20/2023) - What is Proudly Indigenous Crafts & Designs? Proudly Indigenous Crafts & Designs (PIC&D) is a trusted and secure e-commerce platform that celebrates and showcases Canadian Indigenous fashion designers and artists that create authentic, high quality, hand-crafted seal fur and leather products, such as accessories, footwear, clothing and home décor.   PIC&D fashion designers and artists… Continue Reading
Bambi Amos interviewed Kim Ruben (11/25/2022) - Bambi Amos, our Proudly Indigenous Crafts and Designs artist, interviewed Kim Ruben from Paulatuk about her traditional doll-making sewing skills. Let's see what they talked about.   Interview video: Continue Reading
Repost:30 Indigenous Clothing Brands to Support and Follow (11/24/2022) - Showing support for Indigenous people through fashion brands founded and owned by members of the Indigenous community From vibrant textiles, eye-catching silhouettes, and cool basics to elevated streetwear options, there's something for everyone. Continue reading to find 30 Indigenous designers, sustainable fashion lines, and ethical fashion businesses carrying everything from coats and sweatsuit sets to… Continue Reading