Bambi Amos interviewed Kim Ruben (11/25/2022) - Bambi Amos, our Proudly Indigenous Crafts and Designs artist, interviewed Kim Ruben from Paulatuk about her traditional doll-making sewing skills. Let's see what they talked about.   Interview video: Continue Reading
Repost:30 Indigenous Clothing Brands to Support and Follow (11/24/2022) - Showing support for Indigenous people through fashion brands founded and owned by members of the Indigenous community From vibrant textiles, eye-catching silhouettes, and cool basics to elevated streetwear options, there's something for everyone. Continue reading to find 30 Indigenous designers, sustainable fashion lines, and ethical fashion businesses carrying everything from coats and sweatsuit sets to… Continue Reading
Repost: ‘Reconseal’iation at the Senate (11/24/2022) - "Patterson introduced Menge and Komangapik, the founders of Reconseal Inuksiuti, and highlighted their efforts to bring traditional food to Inuit in Ottawa and Montreal by hunting grey seals in the Magdalen Islands. "   Read the Original Article: Continue Reading
Summary: ‘We’re not in igloos anymore’: Seal Summit wraps with hope for a growing market for Inuit hunters (11/21/2022) -   Rubin Komangapik, an Inuk hunter, and his hunting partner Yoanis Menge manage a co-operative named Reconseal. They provide seal meat and skin to southern Inuit groups so that urban Inuit can have access to traditional staples like seal meat, arctic char, and caribou. Along the way, the two hunters share cross-cultural hunting techniques and… Continue Reading
Northerners among fashion designers to get spotlight in upcoming WAG show – REPOST (11/11/2022) -   April Allen, our featured artist in Proudly Indigenous Crafts and Design, had a phone interview with Eye on the Arctic news writer Eilís Quinn about the CRAFTED Show + Sale event at Winnipeg Art Gallery:   “Northerners will be among the designers spotlighted next month when their work is featured in a special fashion… Continue Reading
CBC News Repost: Inuit in Ottawa gain access to fresh seal meat thanks to 2 hunters in Quebec (10/30/2022) - Posted: Oct 30, 2022   "The first National Day for Truth and Reconciliation in 2021 marked the beginning of a grey seal hunting project and a deep friendship between Yoanis Menge and Ruben Komangapik.   Last week marked the start of hunting for the second year of the initiative, with Komangapik and Menge harvesting seal… Continue Reading
Repost- CHRISTINA KING TAALRUMIQ – FUR WORKSHOP – INUVIK (9/6/2022) - August 27, 2022 Fur Canada     CHRISTINA KING TAALRUMIQ – FUR WORKSHOP – INUVIK What happens when you put a Greek Master Furrier in a room full of Northern Indigenous Women? There’s going to be learning, laughter, a little bit of teasing, and an even deeper appreciation for fur.   In February 2022, NWT… Continue Reading
PIC&D MARKETING & VENDOR RELATIONS MANAGER (8/18/2022) -   PIC&D MARKETING & VENDOR RELATIONS Manager   🌎Ottawa, Canada. Employees will work remotely. 🕗Part-time (10 hours/week) Salary: Between $28/hour and $34/hour - based on experience   Organization Description   Seals & Sealing Network | Fur Institute of Canada The Seals & Sealing Network (SSN) brings together Canada’s sealing industry harvesters, processors, manufacturers, retailers, and… Continue Reading
Why Seal Fur Isn’t Off-Limits in the Summer (8/15/2022) - Summer is not the time for luxurious fur coats, but that doesn’t mean fur is off limits in the summer.   Real fur has always been the signature of luxury, but it doesn’t have to be limited to big fur coats, mitts or the fluffy trim on your parka. Many northern designers have been playing… Continue Reading
CBC News Repost- Shared seal hunt traditions focus of reconciliation project (8/3/2022) - CBC News report   Shared seal hunt traditions focus of reconciliation project   Inuit artist Aija Komangapik says Reconseal Inuksiuti, a co-operative of Indigenous and non-Indigenous seal hunters who provide country food for Inuit in Ottawa, helps the urban community connect to its roots and aims to promote reconciliation. Source:     Continue Reading