Fur Institute of Canada welcomes release of Atlantic Seal Science Task Team report


Fur Institute of Canada welcomes release of Atlantic Seal Science Task Team report 


May 12, 2022 


Ottawa, ON – The release of the report from the federal government’s Atlantic Seal Science Task Team arrives at a time of great uncertainty for communities across Canada’s East Coast that rely on ocean industries, including sealing. The Fur Institute of Canada, home of the Seals and Sealing Network, welcomes the report and encourages the federal government to take immediate action to implement all of its recommendations.  


Directed by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) and the Fisheries and Marine Institute at Memorial University, the mandate of the Task Team was to:  


  • Provide input on the priorities of DFO’s Atlantic seal science program 
  • Examine the application of technology advancements to seal research 
  • Increase the involvement of the fishing industry in seal science projects  
  • Provide advice on how DFO could better communicate its scientific findings to the fishing industry 


“Uncontrolled seal populations threaten the health of our oceans and the communities that rely on them. They threaten the sustainability of our fishing industry, they threaten biodiversity, and they threaten rebuilding our fish stocks.” said Doug Chiasson, Executive Director of the Fur Institute of Canada. “The Federal Government must immediately undertake a thorough and transparent scientific assessment of seal populations in Atlantic Canada. The implementation of the Atlantic Seal Science Task Team report is a first step towards better management of our seal populations, our fisheries and our oceans.”  



The FIC also welcomes today’s announcement of a Seals Summit by Ministers Joyce Murray and Gudie Hutchings, to be held this fall. Bringing together diverse voices from provincial and territorial governments, the sealing industry, the fishing industry, Indigenous peoples, and international partners will be essential to setting a course for Canada’s seal industry and fisheries management for years to come. 


Leadership at the federal level, across the various federal departments and agencies which influence the seal hunt is needed to further develop existing markets for Canadian seal products and to open new markets. The FIC’s members look forward to further specific actions from the federal government to support market access.  


Supporting the annual seal harvest by purchasing Canadian seal products is one of the most direct and impactful ways that Canadians can contribute to the balance of our marine ecosystems. It’s a sustainable industry that is well-regulated, ethically sourced, and offers valuable economic, health, nutritional, and cultural benefits. 


For more information, please contact: 

Doug Chiasson, Executive Director: doug.chiasson@fur.ca  


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