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Repost: Inuit women reviving traditional black-bottom sealskin boots through summer workshops

Kimberly Pilgrim and Veronica Flowers, two Inuit women, have started a workshop series to conserve [...]

Repost:Indigenous Women Entrepreneurs – Changing the Future of Tourism in Canada’s North

Author:Yvette Rasmussen (Stswecem’c Xget’tem First Nation) and Dr. Sonya Graci ” … Inuvialuk fashion designer, Taalrumiq, named [...]

Repost: Support sustainable practices

Repost from the Canadian Crafts Federation   UNDERSTANDING SEAL PRODUCTS Over millennia, Indigenous and coastal [...]

National Indigenous Peoples Day

June 21st is a day to recognize and honour the resilience, culture, and contributions of [...]

Repost: NWT Sealskin Artists Featured at the Northern Lights Conference

February 24, 2023   “Four Indigenous artists from the NWT had the opportunity last week [...]

Celebrating Indigenous Women Artists Working with Sealskin

International Women’s Day is a day to celebrate and honour the accomplishments of women worldwide. [...]

Repost: In pictures: ‘Light bulbs go off’ at sealskin workshop

A six-day workshop in Yellowknife was held to help Indigenous artists in the Northwest Territories [...]

Summary:Northern Lights event a gathering spot for political, business leaders

Northern Lights event, a five-day event at the Shaw Centre in Ottawa, has featured talks [...]

News summary: The chefs reviving the Arctic’s forgotten food

A group of innovative chefs from the Arctic and subarctic has banded together to promote [...]

Summary: Lesson on Inuit beauty more than skin-deep for Inuk woman

Muckpaloo Ipeelie, an Inuk lady who lives in The Blue Mountains and is the creator [...]