2023 Holiday Gift Guide: Proudly Indigenous Seal Fur Products

As the holiday season approaches, it’s the perfect time to explore unique and meaningful gift options. This year, consider stepping away from mainstream gifts and explore Indigenous handmade seal fur products from Canada’s north. Every product, from gorgeous earrings to toasty slippers, is a tribute to the rich culture and superb workmanship of Indigenous artists. These are presents that have their own story, making the recipient feel truly special. In this holiday gift guide, we’ll delve into ten extraordinary products that reflect the artistry, tradition, and love in each creation.



  1. Sealskin Heart Rainbow Fringe Earrings by Taalrumiq

Sealskin Heart Rainbow Fringe Earrings (new # 2)

Taalrumiq, the creative artist behind this Sealskin Heart Rainbow Fringe Earrings, brings forth this stunning design that traces its roots to her childhood. It all began with her first fringed heart ornament crafted from old denim for a gift to her mother. Over the years, this childhood creation has undergone a remarkable evolution, blossoming into the bold and vibrant Seal Skin Heart Rainbow Fringe Earrings we see today. These statement earrings are a captivating blend of elements, featuring a metallic leather rainbow fringe, arctic fox fur clouds and sealskin heart adorned with glass beaded edging. Beyond their aesthetic value, these earrings represent love and her ongoing commitment to her creation journey.


Check out the video to see how these earrings were made!



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  1. Dyed Sealskin Slippers by Stitched by April

Dyed SealSkin Slipers


In the cold wintertime, slippers are always an excellent and comforting present. The gift receiving experience is elevated when the slippers seamlessly blend beauty with functionality, and April has mastered this by merging traditional materials like sealskin with a beautiful contemporary design. These slippers are handcrafted with precision and care. The split hide sole provides durability and traction for indoor and outdoor use. The Sherpa lining provides warmth, making these slippers ideal for cold weather. With dyed blue fox fur, sealskin, and elaborate glass bead embellishment, these slippers are more than simply footwear; they are a piece of art that destined to capture everyone’s admiration.


  1. Sealskin Ookpik


An Ookpik / Ukpik / Uppik / ᐅᒃᐱᒃ or “Snowy Owl” in English is a popular Inuit handicraft toy which is embellished with large eyes. Ukpik crafts are often made from wolf fur, sealskin, and other traditional materials.


Jeannie Snowball is the original creator of this beautiful historical craft. She was from Kuujjuaq, Nunavik.  There is a beautiful story behind the Ookpik, where the snowy owl saved Jeannie and her family from starvation.


You can get to know the Ookpik and its story through 5 Inuit artists in a great article featured on Inuit Art Foundation: https://www.inuitartfoundation.org/iaq-online/get-to-know-ookpik-through-5-inuit-artists


Bambi’s Tradition Arts


Bambi Amos sealskin Ukpik is an original addition to your Christmas ornaments and is an ideal gift for children. It nicely captures the spirit of the winter holidays and a tangible reminder of how important it is to preserve and celebrate rich Indigenous culture.


Bambi explains that there are no O’s in the “Ookpik” in Inuit language and that the right spelling is Ukpik. Also, ukpik is singular and ukpiit is plural. “The snowy owl/ukpik is a beautiful, majestic animal but it is also a great animated character for children and adult alike. They are filled with cuteness and uniqueness, each to their own. I love creating these plush ornaments and uncovering their personality.” said Bambi.

Sealskin Ukpik


Stitched by April


Ukpik is spelled as Uppik in April Allen’s dialect. Her Uppik ornaments are meticulously handcrafted from finest sealskin, moose hide, and leather, assuring not only great beauty but also remarkable durability.  Each piece is handcrafted and is roughly 3-4 inches tall, giving it an ideal size to add a touch of Arctic-inspired beauty to any environment. The great attention and her expertise visible in every stitch and detail. Don’t settle with ordinary decorations when you may have something truly special and one-of-a-kind. Order your Uppik sealskin decorations today to bring the beauty and wonder of the Arctic into your house!


Uppik Sealskin Ornaments


Gail Ann Raddi

If you’re searching for a bigger snowy owl ornament, Gail Ann’s Ukpik collection is your choice. This lovely design radiates a cute aura and promises to fill your area with a joyful ambiance. With its irresistibly love character, this snowy owl is not only a charming decoration but also an excellent companion for creative play, making it a wonderful addition to children’s toy collection.

Sealskin Ookpik Owl Hanging Ornament-1


  1. Sealskin Boxer Style Mittens by Bambi

Sealskin Boxer Style Mittens (Red)


Boxer style mittens are often considered warmer than other mitten styles. The fingers in boxer style mittens are gathered, allowing them to share warmth. This arrangement creates a warmer environment inside the mitten compared to styles where fingers are more separated. For a delightful holiday gift this year, consider Bambi’s exquisite boxer-style mittens. Crafted from beautiful red sealskin and fluffy black fox trim, these mittens are simply one of kind. The palms, crafted from home-tanned moosehide, offer both a supple feel and durable grip. To ensure optimal warmth and comfort, these mittens are double-lined with fleece and Radiantex. Make this holiday memorable for your loved one with the unmatched luxury of Bambi’s Sealskin Boxer Style Mittens.


  1. Sealskin Red Earrings by Andrea Fowler

Sealskin Red Earrings

Andrea is a Dene artist who enjoys making beaded earrings. She uses animal skins, leather, seals, and feathers in her crafts. During the Christmas season, no colour can compete with the joyful elegance of red and these red sealskin earrings handmade by Andrea, are ready to add a pop of colour to your festive ensemble. These earrings, made of brilliant red leather and embellished with trendy red and black beads, are a festive accessory with an essence Christmas spirit. They make a bold statement while celebrating the beauty of sealskin and Indigenous artistry.



  1. Sealskin Snap Bracelet by Cheryl Fennell

Photo credit: @santeesioux
Photo credit: @santeesioux


Sealskin Snap Bracelet

Cheryl Fennell introduces a unisex accessory that combines simplicity, class, and uniqueness—the Sealskin Snap Bracelet. This handmade bracelet, crafted from 100% ethically sourced sealskin, offers a timeless style. Wear it straight or rolled for a versatile look that complements any outfit. By choosing this bracelet, you not only enhance your style but also support ethical practices and Indigenous craftsmanship. Indigenous influencers on Instagram, @nikitalelyse, @kayuulanov and @santeesioux also endorsed Cheryl’s bracelet and expressed their affection for it.


  1. Sealskin Mini Stud by Ruth Modeste

Sealskin Mini Stud (Made to Order)


Ruth Modeste is the creator behind Amaamaga. For those who appreciate minimalist accessories, Ruth offers you the Sealskin Mini Stud. With a diameter of 0.75 inches, this small yet impactful piece combines sealskin, beads, and leather to create a unique accessory. The natural colour of the sealskin and the addition of teal beads bring texture and colour to the stud, making it an ideal choice for a subtle yet distinctive look. More of her creations are available on her Instagram account @ Amaamaga.


  1. Sealskin Mittens with Fox Fur Trim and Ulu Embroidery by Gail Ann Raddi


Gail Ann specializes in the intricate techniques of embroidery, beading, and stitching, creating magnificent traditional clothes and accessories. Witness the seamless fusion of elegance skill and skill in her latest creation, the Sealskin Mittens with Fox Fur Trim and Ulu Embroidery. Designed for ladies in a large size, these mittens offer unparalleled warmth through luxurious sealskin. The addition of elegant fox fur trim and Ulu embroidery details elevates these mittens to a statement accessory. Who is the lucky person in your mind to receive this exceptional gift?



This holiday season let’s go beyond conventional gifts and choose Proudly Indigenous handmade seal fur products for someone special. Each piece in this Holiday Gifts Guide tells a story, not just of artistry but also of cultural heritage and tradition. Support Indigenous communities by buying a natural, eco-friendly, high-quality and authentic seal fur product!