7 unique Valentine’s Day gifts to give in 2024


Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love and express affection for your loved one. Giving unique, handcrafted presents from Indigenous Artisans will undoubtedly make the day unforgettable and meaningful. Here, we recommend 7 remarkable Valentine’s Day presents made by talented Indigenous Artisans, each of which tells a story of tradition, artistry, and love.


#1 Ruth’s Mini Seal Skin Heart Studs:


Ruth, an Indigenous artist who works with the business Amaamaga, has released a lovely Valentine’s Day edition of Mini Seal Skin Heart Studs. These 14mm broad earrings are available in two colours: natural and red. The delicate pattern embodies the essence of love, while seal skin adds an element of Arctic to your present. Ruth’s creation is more than just a pair of earrings, it represents the relationship between artistry and the environment.

Mini Seal Skin Heart Studs (Natural)


#2 Cheryl’s Natural Sealskin Dyed Brilliant Red Sealskin Ulu Shaped Earrings:


Your thoughtful, loving gift of Cheryl’s Natural Sealskin Dyed Brilliant Red Sealskin Ulu Shaped Earrings pay homage to the ulu, the traditional survival tool still used by Inuit for cutting meat and fur. This memorable treasure – these natural sealskin earrings – are 3 inches of brilliant red sealskin with a white bison hide backing. This gift will  find a loving place in the heart of the receiver.

Natural Sealskin Dyed Brilliant Red Sealskin Ulu Shaped Earrings with White Bison Hide Backing


#3 Bambi’s Sealskin Earrings:


Bambi’s Sealskin Earrings showcase the artist’s creativity and sense of design. They are available in natural silver grey, dark grey and pink colors and are available in different length (7, 8, 10, 10.5, 13.5 inches).  These earrings stand out for their distinctive and sophisticated style. In the option showcased below, the beautiful pink colour complements the romantic mood of Valentine’s Day. The use of sealskin adds a sense of luxury, making them an ideal present for someone who values high-quality items and bold statements.

Sealskin Earrings by Bambi

#4 April’s Seal of Affection Pin:


April’s Seal of Affection Pin is a heart-shaped pin crafted of vibrant red sealskin and embellished with gorgeous Preciosa crystals. True to its name, this pin represents love and conveys an emotional message to the recipient. The red hide backing adds durability and completeness, making this a versatile accessory appropriate for a variety of events. This versatile pin may be used to decorate luggage or bags, as well as apparel. April’s design is more than simply a pin; it’s a symbol of affection and love.


Seal of Affection Pin


#5 Taalrumiq’s Fox Pom Toque with Sealskin Adornment:


Cozy up to your loved one with Taalrumiq’s Fox Pom Toque, a meaningful and fashionable gift that goes beyond seasonal necessity. Taalrumiq’s Fox Pom Toque combines fashion and heritage. This factory-knit toque, with its fox fur pom and beaded sealskin embellishments, stands out as a statement of cultural pride. With 11 variations in various colours and designs, you’ll find the perfect one to match your loved one’s style. This toque is more than just a winter accessory; it is a statement item that showcases Indigenous artistry.

Fox Pom Toque with Sealskin Adornment


#6 Andrea’s Crimson Seal Mitts with Moose Hide and Beaver Fur Trim:


Andrea makes a big and colourful winter fashion statement with her Crimson Seal Mitts. These mittens, dyed a rich crimson shade, are made of durable moose skin and trimmed with luxurious beaver fur. The mix of design and comfort makes them an ideal winter accessory. Gift your loved one more than simply a pair of mittens; give them a statement of uniqueness and warmth that will accompany them on every winter adventure.

Crimson Colored Seal Mitts with Moose Hide and Beaver Fur Trim


#7 Gail’s Sealskin Ookpik Owl Ornament:


Gail’s Sealskin Ookpik Owl Hanging Ornament adds a bit of cuteness to your present list. This ornament, standing at an exquisite 9 inches tall, is not only a festive adornment but also big enough to be used as a doll. The usage of sealskin gives it a distinctive texture, making it an ideal addition to any Valentine’s Day celebration. Furthermore, it is made to last, much like the love you have for your special one. It is more than simply an ornament it’s a sweet and durable reminder of your affection

Sealskin Ookpik Owl Hanging Ornament-2



Celebrate love on Valentine’s Day with gifts that tell a story, honour traditions, and connect to Indigenous heritage. Each of these remarkable artists’ work demonstrates their talent, originality, and dedication to preserving and sharing their culture. Choosing one of these unique presents not only expresses affection but also supports Indigenous artists and their communities.