News summary: The chefs reviving the Arctic’s forgotten food

A group of innovative chefs from the Arctic and subarctic has banded together to promote indigenous culture by creating a new type of cuisine utilizing traditional ingredients.


The New Arctic Kitchen movement brings communities worldwide together to exchange and enhance their food traditions, including Arctic Canada, the Faroe Islands, Greenland, and the Finnish land Islands.


Eating seal, whale, muskox, and fish makes more sense in areas where a narwhal is more likely to be seen than a pig, cow, or chicken. Eating locally and sustainably means eating these meats from head to tail, just as their forefathers did.


The warming climate is also assisting in making this movement feasible, and climate change is very much on this movement’s radar.


Being a member of a hunting culture puts these communities on the front lines of environmental change, allowing them to witness the changes firsthand. Environmental stewardship is demonstrated through the operation of this sustainable food movement.


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The chefs reviving the Arctic’s forgotten food